Dispute over Hong Kong weighs on Asian stock exchanges

Electronic scoreboard of the Tokyo Stock Exchange At the end of the stock market week, the mood on the Asian markets has deteriorated. (Photo: AP) Tokyo New tensions between China and Hong Kong are spoiling the buying mood for Asian investors at the end of the week. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng fell by […]

United States blacklist 33 Chinese companies and institutions

The US and Chinese national flags fly in front of a hotel Relations between the United States and China are strained due to various conflicts. (Photo: dpa) Washington The conflict between the United States and China continues to worsen. The Department of Commerce in Washington said Friday that it would blacklist 33 Chinese companies and […]

China’s leadership plans its own security law for Hong Kong

People’s Congress in China The security law for Hong Kong is to be discussed at the annual conference of the People’s Congress. (Photo: dpa) Hong Kong In a controversial step, China’s leadership plans to enact its own security law for Hong Kong. The People’s Congress will discuss the draft of an improvement in the legal […]

USA announce exit from Open Skies contract

Reconnaissance drone MQ-1 Predator Reconnaissance flights will probably not be possible in the future. (Photo: dpa) Washington The United States has announced, according to insiders, the withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, which allows unarmed observation flights over the territory of the signatory states. The reason is repeated violations of the agreement by Russia, announced […]

Libya is the next hotspot at the gates of Europe

Istanbul The published videos are as simple as they are impressive: From the air you can see either an arms store or a moving truck with guns of the Russian type Pantsir. A crosshair is aimed at the truck, a few seconds later you can see an explosion. More than a dozen such videos have […]

Palestinian President Announces Agreement with Israel and US

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas The termination of the agreements with Israel also includes security agreements, according to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo: AFP) Ramallah Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced an end to all agreements with Israel and the United States on Tuesday. At a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, Abbas said, according to […]

Republican Senate officials are investigating Biden’s son

The son of ex-vice president Hunter Biden Trump accuses Joe Biden, his democratic competitor in this year’s election campaign, of trying to protect his son from the Ukrainian judiciary as a vice president. (Photo: AP) Washington Republicans in the U.S. Senate are pursuing an investigation into a Ukrainian gas company and the activities of ex-US […]

Trump is considering the G7 summit as a real meeting

US President Donald Trump during a press event According to a tweet from the president, Trump is now considering holding this year’s G7 meeting as a real meeting. (Photo: Reuters) Washington / Berlin US President Donald Trump is considering holding this year’s G7 summit as a real meeting and not via video. Trump wrote on […]

Trump threatens WHO with a final freeze and withdrawal

Donald Trump Critics accuse the US President of being a scapegoat for the crisis. (Photo: Reuters) Washington US President Donald Trump has threatened the World Health Organization (WHO) with a final freeze in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. If the WHO does not commit to “significant improvements” within the next 30 days, he will […]

William Barr does not expect Biden to be prosecuted

Secretary of Justice William Barr “We cannot allow this process (the US election) to be kidnapped by attempts to drum up a candidate for criminal investigation,” Barr said. (Photo: Reuters) Washington US Attorney General William Barr does not anticipate an investigation into his likely opponent Joe Biden in connection with President Donald Trump’s review of […]