Greens call for laptop donations for needy students

Student on laptop Poor pupils should receive a grant of 150 euros for the purchase of a laptop for teaching at home, according to the will of the grand coalition. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The spokeswoman for the Greens parliamentary group for digital infrastructure, Tabea Roessner, called for laptop donations for needy students. The background is […]

Germans are afraid for the economy

An employee last Thursday at the Corona test center in Ingelheim (Rhineland-Palatinate) Picture: EPA Almost two thirds of Germans currently think the corona epidemic is the biggest problem – not only because of the financial impact. Climate protection has moved into the background as a topic. DThe corona pandemic is currently the greatest concern for […]

Union at 39 percent – SPD and Greens lose

Bundestag The grand coalition comes to 55 percent in polls. (Photo: dpa) Berlin According to a survey, the Union continues to gain popularity in the wake of the corona crisis. In the RTL / n-tv “Trend Barometer” of the Forsa Institute, the CDU / CSU rose by two percentage points to 39 percent compared to […]

SPD moves past the Greens

Apparently gives a good picture in the crisis: Germany’s Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) Picture: EPA For the first time since September 2018, the Social Democrats are again in front of their former junior partner, the Greens. The two governing parties benefit from the Corona crisis – they are attested to the best recipes for […]

Merkel’s Heavy Legacy – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, of Kurt Tucholsky comes the wise realization: “The people misunderstand most things, but they feel most things right.” opinion polls are a reliable tool for exploring the emotional world of citizens. A representative survey of the Research institute Forsa on the future of the CDU on behalf of the Handelsblatt has […]

Opportunities and risks of a new German Olympic project

Dhe signal that Alfons Hörmann sent around the world on Tuesday morning was a source of great joy in the rooms of Rhein Ruhr City 2032 GmbH in western Cologne. Only at the beginning of the month, the entrepreneur Michael Mronz moved into an inconspicuous building on a large arterial road, from here he wants […]

After Thuringia, entrepreneurs doubt the liberals

The damage caused by the Erfurt scandal is difficult to repair, Lindner knows that. “Of course, a situation has now arisen in which we have to answer questions about the reliability of the FDP and its clear stance,” said the party leader. “A lot of explanatory work” was still required for this. Initial data from […]

FDP and AfD lose after Thuringia scandal

A woman protests with a sign that says “Never again! No stage of the AfD! “In Berlin against the recent events in Thuringia. Picture: dpa The federal FDP falls in the electoral favor after the Kemmerich election by five percentage points, the AfD loses two points. However, the value of the CDU, which was also […]

Thomas Kemmerich: Prime Minister of Höcke’s mercy

Berlin Christian Lindner noticed the tension when he stood in front of the cameras at the FDP headquarters in Berlin late Wednesday afternoon. While the party leader was making a statement, he briefly pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and tapped it. Lindner formulated carefully, he did not allow questions. Because the process […]

The commitment to the climate stops when it comes to returns

Frankfurt A clear statement in Davos: “Our house is still on fire. Your inactivity feeds the flames every hour, ”said Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg at the World Economic Forum. It is not about creating an economy with less CO2 emissions, but rather: “Emissions have to stop.” The young generation will not be fooled by […]