Strides of the cathedral, in Chartres: our journalist put on the sneakers, he tells

When you’re a sports journalist The Republican Echo and heritage lover, running the Foulées de la Cathédrale quickly sounds like a no-brainer. Far from any notion of performance, in the shoes of an occasional runner, I naturally started this 27th edition. All the images of the 27th edition of the Foulées de la Cathédrale de […]

Stephen M’Passi’s 5 tips for a successful Stride of Chartres Cathedral

Essential warm-up. “To have a satisfying race, a warm-up is essential. One hour before departure, it is recommended to make straight lines and to decorate them with so-called “dynamic” scales: knee lifts, heels-buttocks, straight legs, not chased. Everything you need to wake up your body. » Bring a spare T-shirt. “It’s the mistake not to […]