Covid-19: INS responds until when the pandemic will go in Colombia – Health

This week the country registered one of the lowest figures in the report of daily cases of covid-19 with 952 infections, a scenario that many interpret as the end of the pandemic and the potential absolute return to normality. (Also read: Can I have a drink after being vaccinated against covid-19?). However, according to some […]

Self-care, key to avoid a fourth peak in Barranquilla

The ghost of the fourth peak haunts the country and Barranquilla is no exception. Although vaccination continues to advance rapidly in the city, health authorities are waiting for a new outbreak of infections in October, as announced by the Ministry of Health. Currently, the public health indices in the capital of the Atlantic are at […]

Find out who are the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia

The Government gave details about the next arrival of vaccines that will occur between this Thursday and Saturday. Find out who the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia are for. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the vaccines that arrive from the Moderna pharmaceutical company will be for specific prioritization. As revealed by […]