Find out who are the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia

The Government gave details about the next arrival of vaccines that will occur between this Thursday and Saturday. Find out who the Moderna vaccines that arrive in Colombia are for. The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday that the vaccines that arrive from the Moderna pharmaceutical company will be for specific prioritization. As revealed by […]

Index – Domestic – John Slavik revealed how to prevent the fourth wave

We need to prepare for the fourth wave, and the most important part of this is for everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, said János Szlávik, chief physician of the Infectious Diseases Department of the South Pest Central Hospital on Thursday at Kossuth Radio Good Morning, Hungary! in his show. János Slavik emphasized that […]

Significant jump in COVID-19 cases in Ontario

While the number of new COVID-19 cases in Quebec remained relatively stable from the previous day, Ontario added 865 infections to its toll on Thursday, the highest daily total since early June. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus • Read also: Quebec reports 699 new cases Fourteen deaths are also […]

WHO opens early warning center in Berlin

Angela Merkel and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus The German Chancellor and the Director General of the WHO opened the early warning center in Berlin. (Foto: Getty Images) Berlin The next pandemic is only a matter of time. The World Health Organization (WHO) early warning center opened in Berlin is intended to help identify these as early as […]