‘Agent 007 vs. Dr. No’: An Unforgettable Introduction to James Bond’s World

Just because of the explosive chemistry between a Sean Connery who made his big debut as 007, an Ursula Andress capable of mesmerizing the public with a simple look and an absolutely memorable villain, ‘Agent 007 against Dr. No’ already has its location justified among the best of the saga starring the most famous spy […]

“The Charismatic Charm of Rebecca Ferguson: An Actress Worth Every Penny”

There are stars who need a few seconds in front of the camera to display a charisma, personality and presence that is as indisputable as it is overwhelming. It is about eclipsing without effort, dazzling without artifice, captivating with minimal gestures and mesmerizing with pure talent. Y Rebecca Ferguson, without a doubt, it is one […]

Debate Surrounds Netflix’s ‘Queen Cleopatra’ Casting of Mixed-Race Actress

On May 10, Netflix will premiere on its streaming platform ‘Queen Cleopatra’, a docudrama produced by Jada Pinkett Smith that is included in a series about several emblematic African queens. This season, of four episodes, stars Adele James, mixed-race British actress, which is causing quite a scandal in Egypt. It turns out that several Egyptian […]

‘Only Building Murders’: First Look at Meryl Streep in Season 3 Trailer

Last January, Selena Gomez revolutionized the networks by revealing to the world a stellar signing for the third season of ‘Only murders in the building’: Meryl Streep. It was through a video on his Instagram account where he appeared with his regular co-stars, Martin Short and Steve Martin, wondering if “Really, can this be even […]