At the nursery, let the little ones in, not the virus

While the start of the school year has been postponed to Monday, September 13 in Martinique, structures dedicated to toddlers are operating for some their return this week. Against the backdrop of a still very strong circulation of the virus, the challenge is immense: to reconcile the arrival of very young children in new universes […]

Regional Championships in Mulhouse: five medals, three gold, for Christophe Maleau

Web writing / Photos Facebook pages Ligue du Grand Est and Christophe Maleau Tuesday July 6, 2021 – 11:24 am The young swimmer from Longvilliers Club du Lamentin performed well this weekend at the Mulhouse regional championships and qualifies for the French swimming championships. Christophe Maleau, known for his extraordinary challenges, continues to arouse admiration. […]

Let’s go for five days of festivities and good business!

Today, Wednesday July 21, the 30e edition of the Martinique Fair Expo opens its doors to the public for five days of good business and entertainment under the theme “Holà Hispaniola”. Among the conditions required to allow it to run smoothly: the presentation of a health pass at the entrance to the site and a […]

Why the University of the West Indies will remain strong and united

Politicians from Martinique have recently publicly expressed their wish to separate from Guadeloupe and create a university in Martinique instead of the current University of the Antilles. To want this is to totally ignore the functioning of a university. It is ignoring the links that have united colleagues from Martinique and Guadeloupe for decades. This […]

The bust of Victor Schœlcher removed by the municipality of Lamentin

As part of the municipal memorial strategy, the mayor of Lamentin, David Zobda and the city council, proceeded on Saturday noon (May 29) to the removal of the bust of Victor Schœlcher in the courtyard of the old town hall of Lamentin, Antonio Maceo square. “A historic and memorable moment. The mayor of Lamentin David […]

Inflammatory disease day: the intestine at the center of all attention

This Wednesday is World Mici Day (chronic inflammatory bowel disease) Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. These pathologies affect 10 million people worldwide, 250,000 in France and around 200 patients in Guadeloupe. “Often considered taboo, the Mici (pronounced Miki), whose causes we do not know, cannot be cured. They cause symptoms in those affected which seriously […]

Business leaders are on the verge of exhaustion

Health The regional association for the improvement of working conditions (Aract) of Guadeloupe hosted, last week, an online conference on the health of Guadeloupe business leaders, a subject she has studied over the course of three years. investigation. Conclusion: many business leaders are exhausted and the risk of burnout is high among women. After three […]

Alexandra Liparo, hospital director in France and in love with her island

Youth In Us At 29, Alexandra Liparo is Budget Director at Confluence Hospitals in the Val from Marne. At the heart of the pandemic, she told us a few words about her journey, his aspirations and his love for Guadeloupe. Hospital director, Alexandra Liparo is a fine example of Guadeloupean combativeness. The one who lives […]