Tailor-made support to “propel” your business

Initiative Martinique Active recently launched the Propulse program, intended to support project leaders who are far from employment in order to enable them to create their own business. The Propulse program arrives in Martinique. Proposed by Initiative Martinique Active (IMA), this […]

The EFS warns of the need for blood bags before the summer holidays

The French Blood Establishment in France has issued an alert recalling the historically low level of blood reserves in France. The EFS Guadeloupe Guyane takes the opportunity to remind the population that the archipelago must find a sufficient level of stock to reduce imports of blood bags from France. The French Blood Establishment (EFS) in […]

Where to donate blood this week in Guadeloupe?

A week after World Blood Donor Day, the French Blood Establishment (EFS) in Guadeloupe continues to collect, while the state of the reserves remains worrying, a few weeks before departures on vacation. June 14 was World Blood Donor Day. The French Blood Establishment (EFS) in Guadeloupe took the opportunity to raise awareness among Guadeloupeans about […]

Francine Bordin business manager and sickle cell sufferer

Gosier Francine Bordin has sickle cell disease but above all is a business leader. It’s been 10 years since she set up the Fantasy Nails nail salon with a friend, which is located at the Marina du Gosier. His schedule is always full. Many […]

“The work has only just begun”

Charles Bonix, coach of the football section of the New Club On the bench of the New Club, which he took over at the start of the season, Charles Bonix validated, one day before the end of the championship, the ticket of the […]

Until June 5, you too, create your business!

From May 30 to June 5, as part of its “One week to create your box” campaign, Adie is offering 19 highlights at different locations on the island to allow future creators and business creators to collect all information to carry out their […]

The media library invites itself to the Carbet hospital

Books, films, music, board games will now be offered to patients at the North Caribbean hospital center, in collaboration with the municipal media library. The signing of an agreement between the City and the establishment gave concrete expression to this commitment. […]