The Brussels biodiversity plan

The European Commission has the goal of transforming 30% of land and seas into protected areas. By Leonor Hubaut It is not a matter “To tell people what to do, but to explain to them how they can make informed choices”, specifies Frans Timmermans. JOHN THYS / AFP Protect biodiversity and promote healthy food and […]

Right to repair and washing machines for rent

Eelectrical devices are being used ever shorter. This applies not only to mobile phones or laptops, but also to washing machines, refrigerators and other devices. The reason for this is controversial. The industry does not argue implausibly that consumers are always on the lookout for new and better products, which shortens their lifespan. And yet, […]

The Bernie Sanders Moment – Morning Briefing

Good morning dear readers, he is 78 years old, another five years older than the incumbent US President, and yet young people cheer the candidate Bernie Sanders as if he was a rock star. Today the Democrats begin in the sparsely populated agricultural state Iowa with her Anti-Donald-Trump to elect and the senator out Vermont […]