Probings in Berlin about the grand coalition: “How absurd is that?” – Politics

Frank Stauss, 58, is familiar with the world of social democrats. The political scientist was significantly involved in the election campaigns for comrades Gerhard Schröder, Peer Steinbrück and Frank-Walter Steinmeier. In Berlin he worked for the governing mayors Klaus Wowereit and Michael Müller. So far, he hasn’t let anything really bad come to the state […]

Forming a government in Berlin: Soundings on the home stretch

SPD, Greens and Left have probably found a way to deal with the expropriation referendum. Is that a preliminary decision? A smile to start with: Katina Schubert, Franziska Giffey and Bettina Jarasch on Monday morning Photo: dpa BERLIN taz | There are two sentences from the mouth of Franziska Giffey that make you sit up […]

Esken does not rule out an alliance between the SPD and CDU in Berlin

DSPD federal chairwoman Saskia Esken does not fundamentally rule out a coalition between the Berlin SPD and the CDU after the parliamentary elections. On the occasion of the first exploratory talks between the CDU and the SPD on Friday, Esken told the FAZ: “The talks, which have now begun, will show whether there is potential […]

Election campaign in Berlin: Giffey criticizes Merz’s appearance

Rewrite this content There are many protests against the election campaign date of CDU federal leader Merz in Neukölln. The Governing Mayor also finds clear words. Apparently more than one sheet fits between them: Franziska Giffey before CDU candidate Wegner Photo: dpa BERLIN taz | Has anything like this ever happened? The SPD head of […]

No mask requirement in Berlin: Not that easy

The Senate recommends wearing a mask but does not mandate it. The decision may be disappointing, but given the current situation it is appropriate. The Senate did not want to prescribe wearing the mask as intended Photo: dpa No mask requirement indoors, only the appeal to wear one yourself: the Senate came out of its […]

Energy transition in the capital: wind turbines in Berlin? That’s not that easy

ZThe Governing Mayor, Franziska Giffey from the SPD, even came to the opening at the end of June. By Berlin standards, the residential tower on Frankfurter Allee is a real success. It took only two years to build the 22-storey building. 394 apartments and around 2,800 square meters of commercial space have been created there. […]