a beast seen in the suburbs of Valenciennes

By Le Figaro Posted yesterday at 12:17 , Update yesterday at 12:21 Illustrative image. This is not the lioness seen in the North but a specimen from Botswana. Zinyange Auntony / AFP According to the mayor of the town of Prouvy, it could be a “little lioness”. For a few days, in the town of […]

a report recommends the closure of small maternities to strengthen the large ones

In a document presented this Tuesday to the Academy of Medicine, the head of the maternity hospital at Necker suggests leaving birth management to large establishments to focus on monitoring before and after childbirth. To overcome the maternity crisis, more should be closed. The measure proposed by Yves Ville, head of the maternity ward at […]

Pierre Palmade was transferred to another hospital because of a stroke

By Le Figaro with AFP Published yesterday at 07:41 , Update yesterday at 09:52 The comedian suffered a stroke on Saturday evening, according to several media. The Paris Court of Appeal will decide on Monday whether he should be released pending trial. Comedian Pierre Palmade suffered a stroke at the Paul-Brousse hospital in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne), […]

Muslim conference scheduled for Sunday finally banned

Rewrite this content INFO LE FIGARO – An association had planned to invite this Sunday personalities identified by Beauvau as belonging to the Salafist movement. Activists and elected officials of the RN and Reconquest! called for the event to be banned. The metropolis of Grenoble will not be the refuge of the D’Clic association and […]

two French ministers explore the Swiss model

Rewrite this contentBy Agnes LeclairPosted 3 hours ago, Update 3 hours agoIn Switzerland, there are nearly 1,200 assisted suicides per year, or about 2% of deaths. stocked – stock.adobe.comREPORT – Agnès Firmin Le Bodo and Olivier Véran went to Geneva, to a hospital where assisted suicide is authorized.At the ultramodern hospital in Geneva, a behemoth […]

“We plaster on the hospital director an image of a technocrat which is not the reality”

Rewrite this contentClément Triballeau is director of patient pathways at the CHU d’Angers. CHU d’Angers.INTERVIEW – Director at the CHU d’Angers, Clément Triballeau recounts the challenges of hospital management in times of crisis.LE FIGARO. – Why directors ofhospitalsaren’t they doctors?Clement TRIBALLEAU. – Contrary to what some think, a director is not recruited after having attended […]

faced with several complaints, the diocese reduces the frequency of bell tolls

A local resident complained about the bells ringing every quarter of an hour and ended up winning her case, forcing the diocese of Angoulême to act. The bells of the cathedral will still ring in Place Saint-Pierre in Angoulême (Charente), but no longer every quarter of an hour. After repeated complaints from at least one […]

Faced with attacks, JK Rowling’s feminist response

Par Vincent Jolly Published on 12/12/2022 at 12:39, Update on 12/12/2022 at 9:36 p.m. The center’s board launched by JK Rowling, here in the foreground. Nicole Jones The author ofHarry Potter opens in Edinburgh, Scotland, Beira’s Place, a center dedicated to welcoming “biological women” who are victims of violence. Who would have thought, when the Pottermania […]

the time trial of loggers to dispose of the burnt wood

In New Aquitaine, 31,000 hectares of forest were ravaged by the fires of summer 2022. Romain Duprat / DR In the Landes as in Gironde, the plots ravaged by the fires of this summer must be cleaned and reforested as soon as possible. Le Figaro Bordeaux In the spring, it will be too late. “Every […]

the rise of alternatives to chemical soil treatments

In viticulture, some professionals already use natural preparations to treat mildew or powdery mildew. Julia Lopatina/Adobe Stock DECRYPTION – Nettle manure, fern manure, etc. The use of these natural preparations is closely monitored by the manufacturers of phytosanitary products. Nettle manure and comfrey juice to fertilize the soil. Fern manure to ward off insects or […]