Dax closes clearly in the plus

On Wednesday morning, waning hopes of a fast vaccine in the corona pandemic had weighed on the stock market barometer. The US online portal Stat News, which specializes in the health sector, had been critical of the Vaccine candidates of the biotech group Moderna against the lung disease Covid-19 reports. The interim results presented would […]

How hope values ​​weigh on the balance sheets of DAX companies

That is almost 30 billion euros more than a year earlier, more than ever in German economic history – and more than twice as much as in 2005. At that time, the Dax companies had 120 billion euros of hope in their balance sheets. Eon is at the top, with an increase of 15.5 billion […]

Fresenius makes more profit – and adheres to the annual targets

Dusseldorf Healthcare company Fresenius increased sales and profits in the first quarter despite the corona crisis. The pandemic has positive and negative effects on the business of the Dax group. However, the increased demand for medicines in Europe and the USA could not compensate for the decline in China. The company is initially sticking to […]

With Hauke ​​Stars, a digital expert becomes a Wirecard supervisor

Frankfurt Hauke ​​Stars is familiar with changes. Born in Merseburg in 1967, she grew up in the late phase of real-existing socialism. As if she had guessed the coming turning point, Stars enrolled in 1986 for a future-oriented course: computer science. In contrast to today, the subject in the GDR was not a male domain, […]

Supervision intervenes in a dispute

Dusseldorf Gabriele Kröner celebrated company anniversary in early April, but she had no reason to be happy. She has been the executive director of the José Carreras Foundation in Germany for nine years. But Kröner has not been allowed to enter the organization’s office for months. Contact to the foundation is only possible through lawyers. […]

Lufthansa brings new supervisory board members on board

Frankfurt When the shareholders of the largest European airline in terms of revenue come together for the Annual General Meeting on May 5, this is a special “Annual Meeting”. It will take place virtually due to the contact restrictions in the wake of the Corona pandemic. The lectures will be streamed, shareholders can submit their […]

Top managers are picky about stocks

“The insiders live out their countercyclical character,” says Olaf Stotz, professor at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. That means: The executives who know their companies better than anyone else go bargain hunting if they consider the shares of their own companies on the stock exchange to be undervalued. According to Stotz, this is […]

Deutsche Börse presents new sustainability index

Frankfurt They don’t like baking small rolls at Deutsche Börse, one of the largest European exchange operators. “We are convinced that the Dax 50 ESG will become the standard for sustainable investments in Germany,” said Stephan Flägel on Wednesday in Frankfurt. He heads the index division at stock exchange subsidiary Qontigo, which among other things […]

Asklepios secures a small majority in Rhön-Klinikum

Rhön Clinic in Bad Neustadt an der Saale The acquisition, which is expected to be completed in the second quarter, would also end the long tug of war over Rhön. (Photo: dpa) Hamburg, Frankfurt The clinic chain Asklepios had already secured the majority of its competitor Rhön-Klinikum before the takeover offer began. Asklepios announced on […]

Rhön-Klinikum’s founder is looking to team up with competitors

Kai Hankeln (l.) And Eugen Münch The CEO of Asklepios (left) and the company founder of Rhön-Klinikum AG join forces. (Photo: obs / Accor Hotellerie Deutschland GmbH) Dusseldorf Eugen Münch did it again. The 75-year-old founder of the hospital operator Rhön-Klinikum is once again looking to close ranks with a large competitor. Specifically, Münch and […]