Werder Bremen: After Bundesliga jitters: Niklas Schmidt heads free | Sports

In preparation for the season, Niklas Schmidt (24) said at the end of July: “The thought that we were now playing in the Bundesliga inhibited me. I dreamed of her as a little boy.” At the latest with his header hit 2:2 in Dortmund they should fear of contact of Bremen’s midfield man have vanished… […]

Werder Bremen: brooding ban for weak Lasse Mai – Bundesliga

Endless injuries – at Werder, numerous professionals from the second row got involved in the top game against Darmstadt (1-0). With Manuel Mbom, Eren Dinkci and Niklas Schmidt, there were even players in the starting XI who had hardly gotten a chance under Ole Werner until now. At the end of the game, the young […]

Werder Bremen: Clemens Fritz explains the dullest deadline day – Bundesliga

Werders could always rely on one thing: on the last day of the transfer period, there was a bang or a player left Bremen at short notice. It was different this time. In the end, only Sturm-chick Philipp Kühn (19/Union Berlin) was committed to the regional league. And the loan from offensive man Benjamin Goller […]