TikTok expands the Stories format to more content creators

TikTok is expanding its ‘Stories’ format (‘Stories’) lasting 24 hours, for which it has followed the example of platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram, to more users. ‘Stories’ is one of the most common content formats on social networks, since in addition to Snapchat and Instagram, they have triumphed on Facebook or WhatsApp, where they […]

We already get games at home with a Netflix subscription

It has long been no secret that Netflix is ​​trying to make its streaming service even more attractive for existing and new subscribers with video games, and from November 3, the first programs will be available in Hungary, which can be tried out without any extra costs for live Netflix subscribers. users – as long […]

Le Matin – Public health service bill: The nurses’ unions are pissed off

Speaking, during the discussion in the PLF Committee, of a new system of remuneration for doctors, Fouzi Lekjaa opposed the nurses’ unions. The Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget provoked the ire of this medical profession which considers to have been excluded during the development of the bill of the public health service which […]

Revolving cards: what are they, how do they work and what are their risks | My money

The revolving cards They are a type of credit card offered by banks, but with certain peculiarities that make them a complex and sometimes controversial product. It is essential to understand them well to avoid risks, especially that of over-indebtedness. Consumer associations urge you to use them wisely and to complain if you have not […]

Social networks | The unknown Instagram feature that can save lives

The application offers help to users suffering from mental health problems such as depression or anxiety The social network of photographs, Instagram, is one of the favorites to show the world the best version of oneself. The application of ‘posturing’, filters and ‘influencers’ leaves aside this more superficial part to offer a function that can […]

New Whatsapp feature: view photos only once – but there is a catch

Dennis Steimels Known from Snapchat and now also available for Whatsapp: You send a photo that the recipient can only see once. But there is a bland aftertaste. Enlarge Whatsapp has a one-time viewing function for pictures and videos © Tashatuvango/Shutterstock.com A few days ago it became known that Whatsapp is working on a function […]

Whatsapp copies cool Snapchat function – that’s planned

Panagiotis Kolokythas Whatsapp users should be able to control more precisely who is allowed to view sent pictures and videos – and above all how often! Enlarge Whatsapp should have a one-time viewing function for pictures and videos © oasisamuel / Shutterstock.com Whatsapp is working on a practical innovation for Messenger: the new function should […]

How to create a WhatsApp room for 50 participants, in a different way | Lifestyle

With the pandemic Messaging apps accelerated their development to accommodate as many attendees as possible in your video calls. WhatsApp went from the four it had at the beginning of 2020 to eight just a few months later and, finally, when that amount seemed to fall short seeing what the competition had, they made the […]

New feature on Tinder are you hiding from this person

Whether it happens in the real world or in the digital world, it often remains uncomfortable to run into your ex unexpectedly. At least users of the dating app Tinder will soon no longer have to worry about it happening, thanks to a new feature that will be introduced soon. Door Redactie Online &nbsp- 6/06/2021 […]