Cameroonian woman in distress asks Australian Prime Minister for help for her family

Tuesday May 4 in Rockhampton, Australia: A woman in distress kneels at the feet of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and asks for his help for her family in Cameroon. “There is genocide there. I lost half of my family,” she said. .

New report warns of anti-TB drug misuse

It is necessary to control more the way in which these drugs are prescribed and administered, under penalty of seeing “their effectiveness canceled quickly”, warns the report, published by The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. New treatments for resistant forms of tuberculosis could in turn become ineffective if misused, warns a report released Thursday, on the eve … Read more

Moroccans in turmoil after sexual assault and murder of 11-year-old

Eight children were killed and a dozen others injured on Saturday in the attack on their classroom in a school in English-speaking Cameroon, in conflict for nearly three years, a “horrible” crime strongly condemned by Cameroonian politicians and the African Union. The attack took place in Kumba, in the southwest region, where “at least eight … Read more

“Anti-pollution” cosmetics, a cloudless future?

“Urban Shield”, “City Block”, “City Defense” … More and more cosmetic manufacturers are launching products that are supposed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of air pollution in large cities, despite the lack of standardized efficacy tests. The trend of cosmetics stamped “anti-pollution” appeared in Asia-Pacific for a decade but “has gained momentum … Read more

Ebola killed 271 people in the east

Faced with strong tensions with his allies of the FCC, President Félix Tshisekedi has chosen to consult with the political and social class in order to create a new dynamic that will accompany him for the rest of his mandate. Castigating “anti-values” and “political tactics”, Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi announced on Friday that he would … Read more

a mutation in 2013 at the origin of congenital malformations

The Zika virus, mainly transmitted by mosquitoes, appeared several decades ago but it has only recently been the cause of birth defects due to a mutation likely dating back to 2013, researchers revealed Thursday. In a study published in the American journal Science, these researchers explain for the first time how a once relatively harmless … Read more

Lack of funding threatens progress against malaria

Donald Trump opened the way on Monday for Sudan’s withdrawal from the American blacklist of states supporting terrorism, a turning point immediately hailed by Khartoum, which called for the lifting of this heavy sanction in force for nearly 30 years. “Excellent news! The new government of Sudan, which is making real progress, has agreed to … Read more

The Malian soldiers plan to stay in power for 3 years and release President Keïta

Twelve civilians, including two women and a child, and 11 Malian soldiers were killed in a series of attacks Tuesday in central Mali, the heaviest death toll in the country since the August 18 coup. These attacks come a few days after the release of four hostages – an opposition leader, Soumaïla Cissé, the French … Read more

Trade and diplomatic tensions in the G7

US President Donald Trump did an about-face this weekend against his allies in Europe and Canada, whom he threatened with increased customs duties, after a G7 summit. Tensions which contrast with the “unity” displayed at a summit in China bringing together in particular the Chinese, Russian and Iranian heads of state against a backdrop of … Read more

Alcohol responsible for one in 20 deaths worldwide

The global economy remains more than ever at the mercy of the pandemic. The recession will be less severe than expected in 2020 thanks to a reckless summer in many advanced countries, but the recovery is already running out of steam, the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday. The new coronavirus has killed more than … Read more