Adriana Lastra feels threatened after the comment of a PP deputy

Wednesday, twenty may 2020 – 15:49 Echniz assured from his seat “you will find out” after a reference to the incipient manifestations of the PSOE spokesperson Lastra confronts Echniz (PP) in Congress: “Are you threatening me?” Direct.Coronavirus Spain today, last hour live Coronavirus.Descaling in Spain: what can be done and when in each phase Only […]

This is how we counted the general elections in Spain in November 2019

3.56 points less participation than in April Participation at two in the afternoon in this Sunday’s elections is 37.93 percent, which is 3.56 points less than in the general elections of April 28 at the same time (41.49 percent) , and the decrease is registered in all the autonomous regions and autonomous cities. The undersecretary […]

Pedro Snchez’s plan for de-escalation, on the tightrope

Covid. Coronavirus Spain today, breaking news live Graphics. Map of the coronavirus in Spain: evolution of cases by autonomous communities ThegovernmentYou have entered a danger zone. The extension for the fourth consecutive time of the state of alarm -until May 25- with the implementation of the so-called de-escalation plan is not guaranteed the support of […]

Pedro Snchez seeks support after “abusing” power and undermining the confidence of his partners

Updated Saturday,     4     April     2020     –22:30 Discontent, discomfort and helplessness. The political forces that facilitated Pedro Snchez’s inauguration with his vote exude bitterness. They have not been taken into account, they have not been consulted, their suggestions have not been heard. The socialist leader who ordered exhaustive negotiations with minority parliamentary groups to scratch one […]