Index – Culture – Netflix envied Deadly Pace movies, made its own

When it comes to movies from the biggest streaming provider, disappointment can be enveloped these days. In 2021, Netflix released one after another of the more boring all-night productions. That’s why the Red Notice, which collected three Hollywood giants and made $ 200 million of Netflix’s most expensive movie to date, was such a ray […]

‘Red Notice’ on Netflix + More

Happy Friday, party people! Another week is in the books and despite the fact that Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet, we are already feeling the holiday spirit. Can you blame us when all the favorite streaming platforms are offering up gifts this weekend? Whether you use Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or all of the above, […]

Gal Gadot reveals what it’s like to work with Ryan Reynolds

In November one of the most important Netflix movies in 2021 will be arriving, it is ‘Red Alert’, an action film starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson, an acting trio that apparently had great chemistry on the set of this film, reveals this to the protagonist of ‘Wonder Woman’, who reveals how fun […]

Music ballad: Eternal peace hymn of the dreamer: Lennon’s “Imagine” turns 50

John Lennon released his song “Imagine” 50 years ago. The song is still regarded as a hopeful hymn for world peace, although a few lines keep stimulating discussion. In the midst of the corona pandemic, John Lennon’s most famous hit was once again in everyone’s ears. During the lockdown, a number of Hollywood stars around […]