“The Wonder Woman 1984,” Warner Bros. and what will be the fate of the film

“The Wonder Woman 1984” is one of the movies that was scheduled to hit theaters in 2020. Well, a lot of them didn’t get lucky because the year is really weird. The miracle woman confronts her best friend Latest movie trailer Currently, the second solo film about Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) is scheduled for December […]

“How can you choose her ?!” “Gal Gadot is not the only one …”

Scandalous, unacceptable, supreme form of racism – this is how some defined the choice of Gal Gadot to play Cleopatra in a new super production under the direction of Patti Jenkins. Critics say a black actress should be hired for the role, although the queen is actually of Greek descent. “How can you hire her […]

Gal Gadot plays Cleopatra in new remake of Patty Jenkins | NOW

Gal Gadot is set to star in a new remake of Cleopatra, directed by Patty Jenkins, reports Deadline. The rights to the film have been secured by Paramount Pictures, which secured the project through a bidding process. Next Deadline Universal Pictures, Netflix and Apple also took an interest in the film. Wonder Womandirector Jenkins wants […]

Murder on the Orient Express starring new cast

Ilya Bogomolov This time Gal Gadot became the fatal beauty of the picture. Gal Gadot in the film Death on the Nile. Photo: freeze frame from the movie trailer. On August 19, a trailer for the detective film Death on the Nile, which is a direct sequel to the famous Murder on the Orient Express […]

Will.i.am clashes with Piers Morgan over Gal Gadot Imagine Clip

Will.i.am described Piers Morgan as “super judgmental” when they clumsily clashed on TV because of the prominent collaboration of John Lennon’s hit “Imagine”. The 45-year-old rapper did not take part in the divisive video released last week, but instead jumped in to defend his fellow stars after they filmed the track to cheer up fans […]