Farewell to Dave Greenfield, awesome punk anomaly

The punk groups of 77 who were bothered by a keyboard and the dull type flanked behind counted on a finger of honor. The Stranglers were thus this brilliant exception, with in the role of the plaiter of garlands a wisely styled type, son of musician born in Brighton in 1948, who had used several […]

At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by André Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck […]

At war with boredom: silk whirlwinds, explosives and repossessions

With a boa constrictor. Molded in a delicious combination of gymnast, the cape in the wind, Fantômas floats with haughtiness against a Parisian view, thanks to the special effects that were one day – it must be convinced – the latest trend. On the menu of this miniseries whose Claude Chabrol and Juan Luis Buñuel […]

The sound of the day # 427: electrifying like Volage

One could almost describe Volage as a pillar of the Parisian rock scene, as the group of the Howlin Banana stable seems to cross the years while around it the other formations change their names, vanish, reform, from vague garage in shoegaze surf. But that would not be entirely true: if Volage returns to us […]