Garbage collectors Rotterdam clean up the city after a strike of almost a week

Rijnmond In association with Rijnmond NOS News•Tuesday, 11:28 In Rotterdam, the garbage collectors went back to work this morning to clean up the city. Over the past six days, Stadsbeheer’s waste collectors and city cleaners have been on strike for better working conditions. After days of piling up garbage bags, litter and full containers, they […]

RecicLeón: They invite you to donate electronic devices that are no longer useful

Leon, Guanajuato.- The Municipality invites you to donate electronic devices that are no longer useful at the collection points RecyclingLeón 2022the next 25 and 26 November. In each delegation of León there will be a collection center where citizens can deliver their devices that no longer work or do not use. The objective of this […]

Colau continues with his shock plan to clean Barcelona’s face

The city council will allocate 40 million euros to 3,100 actions, until the end of the current mandate, to improve public space Interventions range from planting 1,500 trees in empty pits to improving lighting and paving Barcelona is dirty and left or this is the perception of its neighbors, who in the last municipal barometer […]