Ginés González García, crossed to Manes: To say that there was going to be a pandemic of depressions and suicides is to do personal marketing

“Depression and suicide are one of the issues that must always be addressed. Naturally, in a different circumstance such as the one we are experiencing, we obviously emphasize it”, Ginés González García began in dialogue with Radio 10. But later, in reference to Facundo Manes saying that “this is a pandemic of mental illness”, […]

Pedro Cahn: The AFA health protocol is very well done

“The protocol presented by the clubs through the AFA is very well done and I gave them an idea to round it off,” Cahn said in an interview with Radio Telam, one day after having a virtual meeting with the Argentine clubs to analyze the health situation and study the possibility of returning to training. […]

Twitter exploded for a photo of Natalie Portman

In the publication, the user said: “Natalie Portman came to Argentina incognito because she learned that her then boyfriend, Gael García Bernal, was with Dolores Fonzi. When he went to scold the paparazzi they took this photo. What an Angel, you hold me like this and I am the pombero”. Natalie Portman came to […]

Romance of «Bailaor»

The bones on the crutch, emaciated the old rite of footprints without footprints, shivering streaks of cold in the center of the bonfire that death has offered him to hell on the wrists of the granite sculptor with which the beasts attack. A bull out of type, widow of Ortega’s cross, carve a tall monolith […]

Elder actor Jos Albert Garca dies at 88

J has passed awayI dared Albert García, an actor from Elde to whom last year the City Council paid tribute with the imposition of thecity ​​logoand putting its name to Box 2 of the Castelar Theater. Albert, despite being born in1931in the neighboring town ofMonovar, was always considered the son ofEldaand he bragged about it […]

Ginés: We must extend the quarantine

The Minister of Health, Ginés González García, assured that “unanimously“the experts that make up the crisis committee for the coronavirus pandemic”believed that the quarantine should be extended“Although he made it clear that” the decision is the President of the Nation “, at a press conference in the Quinta de Olivos. .