We analyze three vertical ironing centers to use at home | Showcase

Our expert has chosen the model Philips ComfortTouch Plus GC558 / 30 as the best ironing center of the three analyzed for the excellent results it offers when ironing clothes. One of the tasks that can be more tedious at home is ironing. Furthermore, not everyone performs equally and possesses the same skills when picking […]

From the street sale to invoice 33 million with robes and comforters | Economy

Tramas, the Sevillian household clothing firm, faces 2020 with 105 own stores distributed between Spain and Portugal, a turnover that exceeds 33 million euros and a sustained growth of between 15% and 20% per year that, if consolidated In the coming years, it will allow them to double their current turnover in 2025. But, much […]

Don’t let the cold stop you: do sports on the street with these 15 clothes | Showcase

The cold should not give us a brake to do outdoor sports; Parks, athletics, cycling, yoga or jogging are very rewarding activities also in the months of low temperatures. Marcos Greus (Valencia, 1979), Personal trainer, physical instructor and high level athlete, knows it well: “In winter, the thermal amplitude is very wide. So the first […]