George Floyd’s family announce lawsuit against Kanye West

New York (AP) – The family of George Floyd, who was killed in a brutal police operation, wants to take legal action against Kanye West because of his statements about the crime. Lawyers on Tuesday sent a cease and desist letter to the artist, also known as Ye, and said they would represent Floyd’s teenage […]

Ex-cop sentenced to 21 more years in Floyd case Current America | DW

Former police officer Derek Chauvin will trade his solitary confinement in Minnesota’s only maximum-security prison for an extended stay in a federal prison. Despite his notoriety for the murder of George Floyd, he should probably be safer there. A US federal court in Saint Paul, Minnesota, sentenced Chauvin to 21 years in prison after the […]

Racial inequality is still present in the United States

Racial inequality—that evil that has lacerated American society for centuries—has not noticeably eased in recent decades. It is the conclusion of the annual report of the National Urban League, a nonpartisan organization, based in New York and founded in 1910, that advocates for social and economic justice for African Americans and fights against racial discrimination. […]

Anti-racism, diversity, defense of minority rights… Woke madness in business

FIGAROVOX/INTERVIEW – Large companies are getting into the woke hour, reveals Anne de Guigné, journalist at Figaro Economyin a gripping investigative book on this new religion that is now invading the world of work. THE FIGARO MAGAZINE. – Born in American society to denounce racism and discrimination against minorities, is the woke wave spreading to […]

Fort Bragg, California, Divided by Name Reminiscent of Slaveholder

Digital Millennium California / 30.01.2022 12:51:37 A city in California named after a southern slave-owning general decided to keep his name after a year of debate. Is about Fort Bragg, a Mendocino County seaside town named after General Braxton Bragg. Fort Bragg established a citizens’ commission to contemplate a name change after the death of […]

Index – Abroad – Relocated, George Floyd statue in New York again damaged

George Floyd’s statue in New York was damaged two days after it was relocated. Police are looking for the perpetrator, the Independent writes. A golden statue of a black man murdered on May 25, 2020, was moved to Manhattan Park in New York on Friday. Police said a skateboarder man smeared the statue with gray […]

“Change is here”: George Floyd as a gold statue in New York

George Floyd, Breonna Tyler and John Lewis as gold busts in Union Square in New York: Floyd and Tyler died as a result of racist police violence. Lewis worked as a civil rights activist against discrimination against blacks in the United States. With the project “SEEINJUSTICE”, the artist Chris Carnabuci wants to remember them and […]

US general compares Trump’s attempted coup with a fire in the Reichstag

“This is a Reichstag moment, the Gospel of the Führer.” With these words, General Mark Milley instructed his subordinates in the run-up to the fascist-led attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , Milley is the United States’ chief military commander. Donald Trump en route […]