Lots of ‘Mercy’ Stocks ‘Avanza’ Price on the Exchange!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Famous investor Lo Kheng Hong who is famous for his strategy value investingThis report assesses many stocks at the wrong price on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This price is wrong in terms of the price undervalue aka cheaper than the original value. However, he emphasized that investors need to be […]

Avanza’s new ‘killer’ is often unexpected, this car is the proof

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Throughout the first semester of 2021, automotive manufacturers continue to rely on their champion vehicles to be able to compete at the top of the best-selling cars. Honda with Brio, Toyota with Avanza, Mitsubishi with Xpander to Suzuki with Carry Pick Up. In fact, the Avanza, which has been ranked first […]

Avanza ‘Killed’ Again, Best Selling Car in RI Unexpectedly!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Toyota Avanza has once again been ousted from the position of the best-selling car in Indonesia on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, the Avanza was blown away by the Pick Up commercial car made by Suzuki, namely the Carry, which successfully became the best-selling car in June 2021. The competition for […]

New Avanza ‘killer’ Appears, Avanza & Innova Passes!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Like it or not, the Mitsubishi Xpander has finally become the newest ‘killer’ for the Toyota Avanza million people. In May 2021 sales, Xpander occupies the top position as the best-selling car in May 2021. Xpander shifts the position of the Toyota Kijang Innova which in April 2021 was the best-selling […]

The Latest Avanza Model Makes a Upset, Check Out the Facts!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – On social media, predictions of the All New Avanza design appear, which are said to be coming out later this year or 2022. The design of the speculation was uploaded by the Instagram account @bagasatriakbar. “It looks like a rush because the rendering base uses a rush. I see the proportions […]