The Avanza ‘destroyer’ is getting crazy, this car is the best seller in Indonesia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The competition for the best-selling car in Indonesia has become increasingly interesting lately. The name Toyota Avanza, which often ranks first in the best-selling car, has now been shifted. The overtaker is actually his own ‘brother’, namely the Toyota Kijang Innova. Sales of the Kijang Innova in March 2022 skyrocketed to […]

Avanza Electric Car Launching Soon? This is Toyota’s Explanation

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) made a surprise by introducing the Kijang Innova Electric Vehicle (EV) today at the Indonesia International Hybrid Motor Show (IIMS) 2022. This car was displayed at the Toyota booth located in Hall D JIEXpo Kemayoran. Then, after releasing the Kijang Innova electric car, Toyota will also […]

Comparing Toyota Innova Engine Performance With Wuling Victory

Wuling Victory has been sold in China and has entered the medium Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) segment, one of the fattest markets in the four-wheel industry. After being launched in its home country, this car is predicted to be brought by Wuling Motors to taste the market in Indonesia. We both know that the specifications […]

Toyota’s explanation of the emergence of Veloz Cross on Social Media

JAKARTA, – Towards the end of 2021, PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) launched the latest generation of Toyota Avanza and Veloz. Not long ago, social media was shocked again with the emergence of a different Veloz variant. Uploaded by the Instagram account @christytonny, several Toyota Veloz units are being carried, like they just came […]

Crowds Cancel Buying Avanza, New Model Gets IDR 10 Million DP!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Ahead of the launch of the new Toyota Avanza, dealers have started to open orders with a cash scheme booking up to IDR 10 million. Although there has been no release of official specifications regarding the new Avanza, dealers are confident in accepting orders for this car. “Now it’s available to […]

West Ham breaks the pools and advances with Liverpool in the Carabao Cup

In the Deepdale, the ‘Lilywhites‘they were victims of Liverpool. In the darkest moments the ‘Reds’ opened the scoring thanks to Minamino that he found a ball through the air at 62 ‘; and almost at the end of the game (84 ‘), Origi put the final figure of 2-0 with a semi-scorpion shot, which will […]

The VIPS League advances … with extra content – COVER – NEWS

The VIPS League reaches one of its most intense weekends. Three matches pending the bridge cause double duels within a few hours of each other: Villalba Gilmar-Ciudad de Móstoles, Olímpico 64 Colegio Santa Gema-Uros de Rivas and CB Las Rozas-Bluetab El Escorial. A plus of excitement for the men’s competition. The female also brings great […]