Elena Lolo continue defending the goalkeeper of Telecable Gijn

The goalkeeper from Gijón Elena Lolo has signed the renewaland he will return to play one more season in his club of a lifetime with whatTelecable Gijón continues to prop up the teamfor the next season ensuring the continuity of its main valueslike Sara Lolo and Natasha Lee and achieving the return of Marta Piquero. […]

The Gijn criminal left the woman in agony for minutes after stabbing her

Lorena Dacuña, the woman found dead this Monday at her home in La Calzada, in Gijón, with two stab wounds in the stomach, he died for several minutes before dying, according to the first autopsy data, to which he has had access New Spain. The investigation, for the moment, remains open because the whereabouts of […]

Liberbank Gijn, with two options to play the League

The Spanish Handball Federation will decide in its next general assembly the format of the competition for the next season in all categories. As for the Iberdrola League, in which Liberbank Gijón is a member, there are two options: a league of 16 teams, which would mean 30 days, or to form two groups of […]

Gijn Circle and ADBA avoid relegation in basketball

The delegate commission of the Spanish Basketball Federation confirmed yesterday the end of the different leagues, in which there will be no relegations, which saves three Asturian teams: Oviedo Basketball, which was second to last in the LEB Gold; the Círculo Gijón, in decline in the LEB Plata; and the ADBA, in the Women’s League […]

Emergency landing of a helicopter going from Mutxamel to Gijn

A Marine Rescue helicopter that had left Alicante has been forced into an emergency landing in Cuenca province after an engine will stop in full swing due to strong turbulence, with no injuries reported. The helicopter had departed from Alicante to the base of El Musel in Gijón until the pilot, who has been unhurt, […]

Guide not to get lost in the main regional and municipal pacts

06/12/2019 05:00 – Updated: 06/13/2019 15:48 Advanced in The entire electoral cycle has been carried out on two dates with a difference of just one month between them. Between 28th of April and the May 26We have voted for our parliaments and governments at all institutional levels: first the national and then the municipal and […]

A stabbed woman is found dead in her house in Gijn and they look for her ex-partner

The neighborhood of La Calzada de Gijón woke up this Monday shocked after the discovery of one of its neighbors, Lorena Dacuña, dead and with clear signs of violence at his home on Calle Callao. The first hypotheses suggest that the 41-year-old victim showed fatal stab wounds at stomach level. The ongoing investigation points towards […]

The Gijn Basketball Foundation calls its campuses

The Gijón Basketball Foundation has been the first to take the step of convening its two usual summer campuses. From June 22 to 26 it will be the technification one, for boys and girls who already play basketball; and the second, from July 6 to 10, for everyone, as it is part of the municipal […]

The ex-partner of the woman murdered in Gijn arrested

National Police officers have the main suspect and alleged author of the death of the murdered woman in Gijón. its lifeless body was discovered by relatives on Monday At about 2.30 pm at his home in the La Calzada neighborhood and from that moment all the work of the National Police was aimed, as a […]