An AI generates images to illustrate a story. Goes wrong

Screenshot: YouTube The “trainings” of AIs in different fields do not always give the results that we expect. It is normal and part of learning. The last case takes us to the illustration of a famous children’s story and the use of an AI to “assemble” the images that reflect the story. The result is […]

when does production start and more details

Image: Netflix. The season 4 of Stranger Things It had a heart-stopping ending, with tragedies and an unfavorable outcome for Eleven and the rest of the children and adults who were the protagonists of the series. The heroes of Hawkins will have to face these consequences in the next season, but… when can we see […]

A fan is recreating The Simpsons Hit & Run as an open world multiplayer game

Image: Reubs ¿Rremember when Reubs created a more modern version of the classic The Simpsons: Hit & Run in just one week? Well the genius is back and has much more ambitious goals for himself Project. The original video from August 2021 was a concept improvised with various assets and editors of third parties in […]

NASA shuts down several Voyager systems to extend their life

The Voyager 1 probeImage: NASA/JPL-Caltech Las Voyager probes are 45 years oldyou in space. Since their launch in 1977 these probes have reached up to the far reaches of our solar system and have traveled farther than any other man-made object. But after nearly five decades in operation, NASA has begun to turn off electronic […]

This is the hidden list of YouTube keyboard shortcuts

Image: Pressmaster (Shutterstock) It’s easy to find keyboard shortcuts when you’re using an app on your Mac or PC. when you look a function in a menu, it often sees its corresponding keyboard shortcut, which you can then use to make faster what iss doing. Pages web, on the other hand, often does not show […]

Photoshop has learned how to automatically restore old and damaged photos

Gif: Adobe Photoshop / YouTube There’s a new reason to start digitizing that aging collection of slowly deteriorating old snapshots in the family album. Digitally restoring old photos is often a process that can take hours, even for a skilled photo editor, but a new AI-powered filter coming to Photoshop looks handle most of the […]

The great game Wolfenstein The New Order is free for PC

Image: Bethesda. the saga Wolfenstein is one of the most mythical since its debut more than 40 years ago, and during the last decade it has seen a kind of reboot which began in 2009 but achieved its best result in 2014, with the arrival of Wolfenstein: The New Orderconsidered one of the best FPS […]

Japan achieves a fiber optic connection of 1.02 petabits per second, breaking all records

Screenshot: Wikimedia Commons Although high-speed wireless technologies such as Wifi 6E and 5G dominate the headlinesAnalog and optical cables remain the backbone of the Internet, and for good reason. Researchers in Japan have just established a new fiber optic data transmission record with a technique that is compatible with existing cable infrastructurewhich means that a […]