World: Netflix, globalization and crime in a world without borders nczg

Drug trafficking in the film industry had in films such as “Caracortada” (1983), starring Al Pacino, a solid expression of crime that is not limited to a single territory but to a drug trafficking network in several countries. Currently, Hollywood is not the only industry that gathers the globalized dynamics of drug trafficking to bring […]

South Korea wants to become a digital powerhouse with the crisis

Tokyo South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in made a promise to his nation on Sunday: With South Korea’s previously successful containment of the corona virus behind it, he wants to finally build the country up to a leading high technology. “Our goal goes beyond ‘a global Republic of Korea’,” said Moon, “our goal is a Republic […]

Visions du réel documentary festival: “In Guangzhou, globalization from below”

One of the most intriguing experiences of the deterritorialized festival was the Na China of the French Marie Voignier (photo DR) who, to auscultate the effects of globalized capitalism, followed three Cameroonian entrepreneurs launched into the heart of the reactor: the huge deregulated sap market in Guangzhou, China. Spending an hour to see them negotiate […]

At war with boredom: porn stars, folk rhymes and roommate vampires

1- With sun and poppers For years, Karen and Barry Mason’s children thought their parents were odd booksellers that when they walked through the store, they were told to bow their heads and look at their shoes. In reality, the couple, an ex-journalist passionate about censorship, an engineer who worked in the field of special […]

“Many companies will diversify more”

Guntram Wolff The economist assumes that there will be fewer business trips after the crisis than before. (Photo: Corbis News / Getty Images) The pandemic will not herald the end of globalization, believes the head of the Brussels research institute Bruegel, Guntram Wolff. Much now depends on whether the foreclosure tendencies gain the upper hand […]

A shock to the world economy TIME ONLINE

You just have to think about how a simple T-shirt is made today. Cotton often comes from the USA, and in Turkey it is used to make fabrics that are used in China dyed and then sewed into a T-shirt by seamstresses in Bangladesh. The daily News had brought up this example recently and it […]

Is the world economically too dependent on China?

DECRYPTION – The epidemic of coronavirus has caused an unprecedented situation which poses, both among economists and in the corridors of Bercy, the question of the functioning of our economy. In Beijing, in front of the deserted shops of a shopping center. The coronavirus is a “Game changer” in globalization, in the words of the […]

The other trade war? India’s protectionism clashes with Trump’s agenda

It may have been lost amid the headlines of the US trade war with China, but a low-intensity trade conflict with the other emerging giant in Asia is also burning. It began a year ago when the United States stripped India of a special low-tariff status for claims that discriminated against US companies. India responded […]

The world’s workbench stands still: without China, the shelves will remain empty

Saturday February 15, 2020 Worried about supplies from China Nothing works without the world’s workbench By Diana Dittmer China sends the workers back to the factories. But it is not that simple, and the corona epidemic is not yet contained. It will take time to ramp up production completely. The globalized world with its hyper-connected […]