Does drinking vinegar before meals help with blood sugar and lead to weight loss? I am a nutritionist and I’ll tell you the whole truth

To understand if drinking apple cider vinegar can really help keep blood sugar at bay and promote weight loss, we asked “our” nutritionist for help, who also explained who should avoid this natural remedy. ¬©liudmilachernetska/123rf Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient often found in our kitchens but which also boasts a number of beneficial properties, […]

I didn’t know it was a sign of diabetes | Tom Bueno

Reproduction / Instagram Tom Bueno discovered diabetes at age 22 It may seem strange, but when I was diagnosed with diabetes, at age 22, I already had at least five traditional symptoms of the disease. But the lack of knowledge made me ignore the signs. Back then, if you asked me about diabetes, I would […]

This is the best bread for keeping blood sugar and blood sugar at bay

Here is the best variety of bread to keep blood sugar and high blood sugar levels at bay. @shersor/ It often happens that many think that those suffering from diabetes he has to give up all the most delicious foods to safeguard his health, but this is absolutely not true. Diabetics can still enjoy the […]

Diet to lower cholesterol and blood sugar in a short time

To reduce cholesterol with natural remedies, that is, without resorting to drugs, it may be useful, together with diet and physical activity, to take red rice supplements. But above all we discover the allied foods of our diet to keep cholesterol and even blood sugar under control.Why is it important to reduce cholesterol and keep […]