Carmelo Valencia does not go with Junior anymore

Carmelo Valencia does not go with Junior anymore. The striker did not finally reach an agreement with the rojiblanco team to extend his contract, that ended on June 30, and thus ends his fleeting stage as a shark. The Chocoano attacker He said goodbye to the fans with a message published on his Instagram account. […]

God is Among Us, it is temporarily available for free on the PS4

Fans of the DC Universe to be able to between now and the 25th of June, which is the Ultimate Edition of Injustice: Gods Among Us is free of charge for download on the platform of your choice. That WB Games announced on Twitter. Injustice is like Mortal Kombat, a fighting game from the stable […]

Phil May, chic chaos – Culture / Next

Disappeared Friday at age 75 in Norfolk following a bicycle accident, Phil May, the leader and singer of Pretty Things, appeared for a time in the repertoire of David Bowie: not to the letter M but to the letter G , for “God”, that is to say God. Bowie may have understood something from Philip […]

Covid-Organics, a controversial treatment widely distributed in Madagascar

In Madagascar, the fight against coronavirus has taken the form of a caramel brown liquid. Distributed in plastic bottles, five-liter cans or in the form of tea bags for infusion, the product, called Covid-Organics (CVO), would be effective in “seven days” according to Andry Rajoelina. The Madagascan president no longer appears in public without his […]

“The Epidemic”, full-blown dystopia

In the middle of Covid-19, a title like that … But Asa Ericsdotter published the epidemic in 2016, so the suspicion of opportunism does not hold, nor the hypothesis of a divine coincidence. And in fact, this novel does not imagine a health virus but a political dystopia: Sweden, supposedly a welfare state, lets itself […]

“The Child Executioners”, a bad seed of hate

The purpose of this book is “An excruciating story in which little boys between the ages of two (!) And twelve kill, torture, assault or eviscerate corpses, burn them or throw them into the river”. Thus in Toulon, in 1562, a Huguenot was dragged, still alive, then stoned and burned by the children of the […]

Mondeño, the bullfighter who felt the call of God and became a monk

Rosario PerezFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/28/2020 01:45 save This is the story of Juan García, Mondeño in the posters, the bullfighter who was a bullfighter before a friar. Born on January 7, 1934 in a humble family -His father was a senior guard on a farm-, his beginnings walked hand in hand with poverty. Like so many […]

“Qüity and Cleo” are going to party her to the Virgin

It’s a bit like “Qüity and Cleo at the Villa»(And, in addition, with the Virgin) as there is Martine at the sea. Except that not at all. These are lives of misery filled with riches told with a catchy fantasy that explains this title, Full of grace. “Villa” here does not mean luxury but slum, […]

“Abimagic”, time maker – Culture / Next

If one day I return to Seattle I will not fail to sit down at a table at this teriyaki restaurant located at the crossroads of Ave and 45e in the university district where Bill Gates once put his butt down. It is not for him of course, but to meet Abimagique who has taken […]