Working from home due to the coronavirus? These are their technological solutions.

And on the nth day of the coronavirus panic, the superior lords ordered: You will work from home. As new cases of viral infection appear in the US In the US, many companies have started preparing employees to work from home, or what great guys call “FMH.” Some organizations including Twitter They are encouraging employees […]

Erroneous information about coronavirus lives online, despite efforts to eradicate it

Facebook Inc. full board -5.37% and other technology giants have promised to fight the wrong information related to the coronavirus epidemic on their platforms. However, even though they eliminate fraudulent publications, listings and other content, conspiracy theories and false information continue to proliferate online. Facebook said it modified the “coronavirus” search results to direct users […]

Waymo raises $ 2.25 billion after courting external investors for the first time

Waymo LLC has raised $ 2.25 billion to boost its driverless car company, the first time it has taken external money since Google began developing the technology more than 11 years ago. The investment underscores the challenges and costs associated with the development of vehicles with technology that could replace humans behind the wheel. Competitors, […]

Streaming Surge converts recorded music sales in the US. UU. In up to $ 11 billion

Sales of recorded music in the US UU. They grew 13% last year to $ 11.1 billion, their highest point in more than a decade, as revenue continued to increase from streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Streaming accounted for 80% of total revenues in 2019, the fourth consecutive year of industry growth, according […]

Google Plots course to beat rivals in the cloud

Google’s decision to cut jobs in its cloud computing division is the latest move in a one-year effort by Thomas Kurian to shake the unit and focus more on delivering growth to Alphabet Inc. parent Kurian, after joining Oracle Corp. in November 2018, imposed strict deadlines for the project, criticizing some workers who used to […]

Zuckerberg presents how Facebook should regulate content

MUNICH: The CEO of Facebook Inc., Mark Zuckerberg, said that the social media giant is somewhere between a newspaper and a telecommunications company, in terms of responsibility for the content, and should be regulated as such. Mr. Zuckerberg, speaking in front of government and security officials at an annual security conference here, rejected comparisons between […]

Within the future of Berkshire Hathaway without Warren Buffett

When Warren Buffett turns 90 in August, it would be natural for Berkshire Hathaway shareholders to celebrate their success and worry about the future of the extraordinary company he built. In his 55 years at the helm as CEO, president and chief investment officer, Buffett turned a troubled textile manufacturer into a conglomerate of $ […]

He stood up: Facebook keeps Europe waiting for the dating function

LONDON – Facebook Inc. is postponing the European launch of its dating service it planned to launch this week before Valentine’s Day, according to Ireland’s main privacy regulator. The measure came after the Irish Data Protection Commission posed problems with fulfilling the function with the data protection rules of the European Union, the agency said. […]

Tech giants seek alternative in Hong Kong after the US UU. Lock the data cable

American tech giants, such as Google from Alphabet Inc., are considering alternatives to Hong Kong as a global data center after US national security officials. UU. They would implement plans for a Trans-Pacific Internet link to the territory, according to people familiar with the matter. Google and Facebook Inc. asked permission from the US authorities […]

Snap adds users despite fierce competition, although guidance disappoints

Snap Inc. SNAP 4.11% reported a quarterly growth in users and revenues, indicating that the company is becoming a more important role for its messaging application even in the face of strong competition. However, the strongest revenues in the important quarter of December did not meet analyst expectations, and investors sent shares that fell more […]