“Le Figaro” and “le Monde” now sold at 3 euros each

After the world Friday, which increased the price of the newspaper by 20 cents, it was the turn of the Figaro to raise its rate by 10 cents on Monday, in the middle of summer. The two national dailies are now selling for 3 euros per unit. Increases justified by the press distribution crisis and […]

At the time of deconfinement, the United Kingdom reconfigures Leicester

It’s the cold shower. The United Kingdom is preparing to reopen its bars, pubs, restaurants and hairdressers on Saturday, marking the end of eleven weeks of confinement. But in Leicester, right in the center of the country, the opposite happens. The government ordered the immediate and complete reconversion of the city of 350,000 inhabitants. Non-essential […]

“Pinocchio” by Matteo Garrone, a film without splinters

Pinocchio is very successful: the puppet, the puppet child, the special effect like the makeup are striking, the human woodwork has a beautiful design. Pinocchio the film, a new version of Collodi’s tale by Matteo Garrone (after Disney, Comencini, Benigni, and Del Toro in anticipation), is not that successful. Geppetto is less talented than technical, […]

For athletes, “the retail world has given way to a blurry period”

Does containment promote the development of depressive disorders in professional athletes? A recent study by the medical service of the International Federation of Professional Football Associations (FIFpro) tends to show this: 57% of footballers have shown signs of depression since the end of competitions. Edouard Philippe’s announcements do not reassure them since the Prime Minister […]

“The virus has so far knocked out the fashion”

Americans call it the “Fashion carnage”. Since the spread of Covid-19 began, the fashion industry has been going through difficult times. The effects of the health crisis should be felt strongly in the months or even years to come. One of the first impacts of the crisis, in addition to struggling production and declining sales, […]

Trump believes the US economy will experience a “spectacular” recovery

TDespite the devastating damage caused by the corona crisis, US President Donald Trump expects the US economy to recover rapidly this year. The third, but especially the fourth, quarter would be “spectacular” in terms of gross domestic product, Trump announced on Monday evening at a press conference in the rose garden of the White House. […]

Great Depression? Spain cannot wait for Europe | Opinion

In 1929 Irving Fisher, one of the most prestigious economists in the United States, said that the crisis was temporary and that the fall of Black Monday on the Stock Exchange was a buying opportunity. In 1933 he wrote a classic article: Debt Deflation and the Theory of Great Depressions. In the three major depressions […]

Thundercat, half reason and half reason inspiration – Culture / Next

There are two good reasons to title a song Existential Dread (“Existential dread”): to judge life tragic, or to resolve to find it colossally hairy. But is it only possible to feel one without the other? A somewhat educated rabbi – who would have spent more time reading Kafka than the Mishnah, let’s say – […]