Gasoline and bi-fuel engines ZMZ V8 are discontinued – Autoreview

The September rumors were confirmed: the V-shaped “eights” of ZMZ are going down in history. The Zavolzhsky Motor Plant, which is part of Sollers, has officially confirmed the withdrawal from production of the ZMZ-523 (gasoline) and ZMZ-524 (bi-fuel) line before the end of this year. The history of this engine dates back to the end […]

They will finish off houses, apartments and premises belonging to offenders who did not pay penalties, Indecopi announces | Miraflores | Groove | San Borja | San Isidro | NNDC | ECONOMY

Updated on 06/26/2021 08:37 am The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) reported that in September a new auction will be held, in which more than 20 real estate seized for non-payment of penalties will be auctioned. On June 24, the auctions of houses, apartments, warehouses, parking […]

Furrow: a cyclist was killed by a truck and a van

A cyclist was killed this morning by a truck and a van, at the intersection of Avenida Caminos del Inca and Jirón Los Alguaciles, in the district of Groove. The 68-year-old woman was riding her bicycle down Los Alguaciles street when she was hit, first, by a truck carrying cement and, later, by a cherry-colored […]

Chevrolet presents the new Groove in the region

With the advance of the SUV wave, several brands began to bet on this class of vehicles at the entry of the range of each of them. The idea is to offer an inexpensive compact segment variant to be in tune with the new trend. To the present, Chevrolet is doing its thing with Tracker, […]

They are accused of gang-raping a 21-year-old girl in Surco La República

The movement Manuela Ramos alert that what happened on Monday in Surco is not an isolated event. It is the fourth case of group rape that has been reported in less than a month in the country, and it deserves the full attention of the authorities. The denounced this time are five men: Sebastián Zevallos […]