the city agents engaged in the field will get the Macron bonus

Every day, 140 municipal volunteers, out of 1,500 in the city, are involved in the field. About thirty of them are assigned to the cleaning service. And there is something to do: they collect more than 100 m3 of trash every day. At the end of Thursday morning, a handful of them converged in their […]

Agroecology put to the test

Between the Sèvre Niortaise and the Boutonne, a plain of crops with a little breeding of goats or cattle, interspersed with a few hedges, with poor and dry limestone soil. It was there, in a former NATO military camp, lurking in the heart of the Chizé national forest, next to a zoo, that the Center […]

Indoor connected sport is gaining ground

It’s a discreet revolution which is gradually gaining ground in 4,500 fitness rooms spread across France and bringing together nearly six million people. In these places, we continue to lift cast iron and dance in rhythm, but a good part of the time is now spent rowing, running or pedaling. Quite simply. As in nature? […]

The Bags have marked a floor, but it is flimsy

An essential question to solve is if the Stock Exchanges have already seen their lows, or not. Savings Corporation analysts respond that the negative behavior of the markets may continue at least next week, but they hope that a floor will be reached in two weeks, a few days after exceeding the peak of coronavirus […]

Walmart and Target Take New Steps to Face Covid-19 Pandemic – Telemundo Miami (51)

Target and Walmart supermarkets announce the entry into force of new measures that will be implemented starting this Saturday to combat the coronavirus crisis, a pandemic that has already claimed the lives of 191 people. The new measures include more protection for employees, fewer customers inside stores and lines at the main entrance to enter, […]