Premiere on the way from Düsseldorf to Mallorca: First Eurowings scheduled flight with the new Airbus A320neo, Eurowings GmbH, press release

Eurowings puts first A320neo into operation, six more in 2022 First flight from Düsseldorf to Mallorca fully booked Among others Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Milan and Vienna in the route network 50% less noise, up to 20% less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions A320neo as sustainability ambassador for Lufthansa Group initiative #makechangefly Redesigned Airspace Cabin for even […]

Beware of Singapore Flu in Children, Recognize the Symptoms and How to Prevent It

Singapore Flu in Children. – Singapore flu or hand foot mouth disease (HFMD), is a disease that is currently being discussed on social media. Singapore flu is a contagious disease that can affect anyone, and is more common in children. Quoting from Healthline, Singapore Flu is a highly contagious disease caused by coxsackievirus, […]

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Fair start in Krefeld overshadowed by suspected thugs

May 13, 2022 at 8:33 p.m Massive security forces on site : Fair start in Krefeld overshadowed by suspicion of rackets After a two-year Corona break, 120 showmen and snack bar vendors are back on the Sprödentalplatz. Photo: Samla Fotoagentur / Krefeld The suspicion is circulating in Krefeld that young people have arranged to […]

Uniper hopes for repayment because of Nord Stream 2

May 3, 2022 at 11:44 am Stopped Pipeline : Uniper hopes for repayment because of Nord Stream 2 The Uniper headquarters in Düsseldorf’s Medienhafen. Photo: AFP/INA FASSBENDER Ironically, Uniper earns more money from power generation in Russia. But that doesn’t change anything about the loss of billions in the first quarter. The Düsseldorf group is […]