Vladimir Cerrón: Peru Libre lawyer is “untraceable” after trying to bribe a protected witness nndc | POLITICS

Updated on 11/22/2021 07:21 pm New Vilcatoma, lawyer of Eddy villarroel, who is a protected witness in the investigations carried out by the Huánuco Supraprovincial Prosecutor’s Office for Terrorism Crimes against Vladimir Cerrón, Guido Bellido and Guillermo Bermejo, denounced that Peru Libre’s lawyer, Jhon Benites Tangoa, is “inubicable”After being accused of bribing to stop the […]

Eddy Villarroel Medina Sasha Prosecutor’s Office: Key witness who accuses Vladimir Cerrón, Guido Bellido and Guillermo Bermejo of terrorism violated an investigation reserve agreement nndc | POLITICS

The Public Ministry reported that Eddy Villarroel Medina, protected witness in the investigations carried out by the Supraprovincial Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Terrorism and Lesa Humanidad de Huánuco against Vladimir Cerrón, Guido Bellido and Guillermo Bermejo, violated the reservation agreement of the investigations. In a statement, he specified that said character “Has not […]

Government | Congress | PCM | Guido Bellido | Free Peru | Barranzuela | Maraví | Vladimir Cerrón | The 100 lost days of Pedro Castillo suffered by Peru | POLITICS

The appointment of a premier investigated by apology to terrorism, a first cabinet with members linked to Movadef, a foreign minister was out in 19 days, the historic rise of the dollar, seven ministers replaced in three months, attack on the press, the bench of Free Peru divided, mine strikes, vandalism, signatures to convene a […]

Guido Bellido asks President Pedro Castillo to fulfill his promise to pardon Antauro Humala

The former president of the Council of Ministers, Guido Bellido, asked the president this Friday Pedro Castillo fulfill his campaign promise to grant clemency to Antauro Humala, who is serving a 25-year sentence in the Andahuaylazo case. “Mr. President Pedro Castillo, we have to fulfill our campaign promise, pardon Major Antauro,” Bellido wrote on his […]

Pedro Castillo renewed his Cabinet: from a frustrated meeting to the change of seven ministers | Mirtha Vasquez | PCM | Guido Bellido | POLITICS

According to the criteria of Know more Guido Bellido’s story at the head of the Ministerial Cabinet ended abruptly on Wednesday, more than two months after taking office and after a series of confrontations with him. Congress and even with members of the Executive itself, including the president Pedro Castillo. Since Wednesday night, his replacement […]