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Updated on 09/28/2021 12:00 pm The last Saturday, since Arequipa, Evo Morales He called on the government to “nationalize natural resources.” The next day, Prime Minister Guido Bellido released his threat against the Camisea Consortium making clear his intention to follow the failed government policy of the Bolivian politician on gas management. Regarding this, the […]

Jaime Quito on resignations of ministers: “We must stop this situation”

The congressman from Peru Libre Jaime Quito ruled this Monday on the resignation of the former foreign minister Hector Bejar and the still Minister of Labor, Iber Maraví, who has made his position available following Prime Minister Guido Bellido’s request that he step aside. The legislator indicated that due to any police complaint, things are […]

Guido Bellido and comuneros install four work subgroups

After receiving the vote of confidence from Parliament, the head of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM), Guido Bellido Ugarte, returned to his homeland, Chumbivilcas, to set up the dialogue table with the communities that are part of the South Road Corridor. They have a long list of claims pending. The premier got […]

Guido Bellido’s father: They call my son a terrorist out of envy

The parents and relatives of Prime Minister Guido Bellido Ugarte shared their first impressions of his appointment and the criticism he receives during these first weeks in office. It was the Inpecable TV media that arrived a few days ago until the Quehuincha community, Livitaca district, Chumbivilcas province in Cusco, to be able to talk […]