He did it in months.. An Egyptian breaks 15 Guinness records.

Mounir’s fascination with the game made him follow the most prominent athletes registered in it on social networking sites and the official websites of major competitions. Once while browsing the Guinness Book of Records website, he saw a number of them breaking records and entering the world encyclopedia, to decide to “victory over them”. The […]

Zeus, the world’s largest dog who broke a Guinness record

Zeus is a wanted dog, who came to a home that not only wanted him but was looking for him. A gray Great Dane with whites. The dog It arrived at the house of Brittany Davis through her brother as a gift, and was received with great fanfare in February 2020. It was what I […]

break his own Guinness record

The Guinness Book of Records of 2022 has a representation of Spanish feats and talents such as Rafael Nadal (20 Grand Slam singles wins), Sandra Sanchez (most medals in the Karate Premier League) or the athlete who has kept a bicycle on his chin the longest. The largest nativity scene in the world (54 meters […]

Toyota Mirai Range Guinness Record | Lead

Toyota embarked on no smaller project in the last days of August than setting a Guinness record with its hydrogen-powered electric car, the Mirai. He embarked on a two-day adventure with hypermiler leader Wayne Gerdes, Bob Winger, from Toyota’s technical center in Gardena, Southern California. Let’s quickly understand two concepts: In the case of hydrogen […]