‘The Conqueror’ celebrates a new duel that will make blood flow

Donostia – The situation in Los Haitises has completely changed. The phase of two teams has had more script twists than a chapter of Game of Thrones. The Corocotes have been evicted from their party and dance venue, and the team finds themselves sunk because they are stuck in the mud of the very poor […]

The criminals emerge from the hoax

They deal with emergencies and with the falsehoods spread by the same networks that Vost Euskadi volunteers use to report. And they warn of the strong economic and political interests behind it. ATraffic accidents, forest fires, missing persons, weather alerts, denials of false information … The Vost Euskadi team of emergency professionals is used to […]

Experts say it is safe to bathe in the Mar Menor

The Mar Menor these days it is suffering a new episode of the ecological disaster that it has been experiencing for years. So far, almost five tons of dead fish have reached the beaches of the lagoon. The Government of Murcia has closed some of them to proceed with the collection and cleaning of animals […]