Clan del Golfo releases minor kidnapped in Valdivia

A minor who had been kidnapped in Valdivia After a confrontation in which two civilians died, he was released in the last few hours by members of the Clan del Golfo. The youngest, 14 years old, was handed over to a humanitarian commission made up of members of the Red Cross, community leaders in the […]

Captured alias ‘Medicina’, coordinator of the Clan del Golfo in Casanare

Army and Police troops, in an inter-institutional work against the organized armed group (GAO) Clan del Golfo, during the development of a military operation, They announced that alias Darío or Medicina, alleged leader of this illegal structure, was captured. in the department of Casanare. The operation was carried out in the La Pradera neighborhood of […]

Court prepares the extradition of alias la Negra, the sister of “Otoniel”

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice gets ready to define the extradition of What Johana Úsuga Davidalias la Negra, sister of “Otoniel” and identified by the judicial authorities of the United States as one of the drug traffickers of the Gulf Clan. “It is in the judicial stage in the Supreme Court […]

Military operation left four captured from the Gulf Clan in Frontino

In recent hours, the Armed Forces dealt a heavy blow to one of the structures of the Clan del Golfo that commits crimes in the department. Alias The Old Man, “Felipe” or “Sebastián”who was the military leader of the Erlin Pino Duarte structure, fell in the middle of a joint operation between troops from the […]

New magistrate in extradition of “Otonie” by mistake on Twitter

“Otoniel” has been imprisoned in the Dijín dungeons in Bogotá since his capture in October of last year. Photo: – AFP The process that is advancing in the Supreme Court of Justice that seeks to extradite the maximum chief of the Clan del Golfo, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias Otoniel to the United States, has taken […]