This Wirid Makes Angels Overwhelmed by Recording the Rewards of Gus Baha

North Sulawesi portal – According to Gus Baha, there are wirids that make it difficult for angels to record our rewards. Gus Baha said, this wirid will be rewarded with multiple rewards, so that it is difficult for angels to take notes. If we often practice this wirid, said Gus Baha, the angels will be […]

Revealed 3 Great Practices to Abort All Sins, This is Gus Baha’s explanation

North Sulawesi portal – KH Ahmad Bahauddin or Gus Baha revealed 3 practices that can be an abortive for all sins. By doing these 3 practices, both small and big sins will be erased, said Gus Baha. So lucky those who have the strength to practice these 3 extraordinary practices. Also Read: Lebaran Arrives! This […]