Big disappointment at TSV Bayer Dormagen

September 6, 2022 at 4:50 am 2. Handball Bundesliga : Big disappointment at Höhenberg At his home premiere, TSV coach Matthias Flohr was able to persuade his players so much during the time-outs that they didn’t find the right means against Dessau-Roßlauer HV. Photo: Heinz J. Fencebreaker Dormagen The first game of the season of […]

The mortgage of the 1st half was too heavy

Messages Fraport Skyliners lose home game against Würzburg by Norbert Dorholt (18.03.2022) The Frankfurt Bundesliga basketball team Fraport Skyliners start too nervously in the important game against s. Oliver Würzburg at home in front of 1467 fans and take on a mortgage of almost 20 points at halftime. In the second half of the game, […]