ATX review including dividends: This is how the first half of the year went 02.07.20

The leading Austrian share index including dividends, ATX TR, has fallen by 29.14 percent since the beginning of 2020. The annual high on January 2 was 6,208.00 points, the annual low on March 18 – after the corona shutdown – was 3,135.05 points. The market capitalization of all domestic companies listed on the Vienna Stock […]

“See little upside for equity markets”

30.06.2020 The experts at Spängler IQAM Invest see little upside potential for stock markets. In the second half of the year, investors should underweight equities, euro government bonds and commodities, and significantly overweight corporate bonds. “The danger of a second Covid-19 wave has not yet been averted. The US election is also casting its shadow, […]