Florida Theme Parks takes Steps to Deal with Coronavirus Concerns – NBC 6 South Florida

The major Florida theme parks are taking steps to address coronary virus concerns, using improved cleaning practices and other preventive measures. In Thursday’s statement, Orlando Universal officials said that they often contacted health officials and their own health experts and are closely monitoring the situation. “We are communicating with our staff and reinforcing our best […]

Hand sanitiser doesn’t kill viruses and other myths busted

Bottles of hand sanitiser have become an essential item for many Aussies but it won’t necessarily protect you from coronavirus if you don’t use it the right way. There have been many myths circulating on social media about hand sanitiser, including that it won’t protect you from viruses because it is an antibacterial treatment. “Hand […]

Coronavirus symptoms, survival guide: Everything you need to know

400,000 dead: nightmare virus scenario How coronavirus will hurt us the most Since China first alerted the world to cases of pneumonia in the port city of Wuhan on December 31, fears about this strange new virus have spread even more quickly than the infection itself. More than 81,000 cases have now been reported in […]