Soft is the cold

Plain or patterned. In sober or daring colors. With belt, scraps and fringes. Coats, raincoats and jackets are here to stay. This winter they are cut by classic patterns and find allies as disparate as long dresses, jacket suits, gooseneck polo shirts and warm accessories such as leather bags. .

Backpacks for change | Economy

Hemper was born in 2016 with great desire and values ​​and, as Alex Pastrana says, one of its founders, little money and no experience. At first they only had one idea and 1,000 euros. Now, those responsible for this brand of backpacks made of hemp fiber in Nepal strive for the company to grow, while […]

Fashion week: fashion tales and legends

The invitation to the parade Loewe took the form of a vinyl on which appears the grinning face of Megan Rapinoe, contemporary heroine (she is one of the first sportsmen to come out), famous American football player (Ballon d’Or 2019) and muse of the season. Nothing really shows from this exchange in the latest collection […]