Smartphone is said to damage children’s brains

The child is crying and whining? A smartphone or tablet will help. Only: It’s not a good idea to put small children in front of a screen, as a new study shows. This can cause lasting damage to your brain. Scientists from Singapore have examined the effects of mobile phones and the like on children. […]

Cameroon news :: The science of reducing the harmful effects of tobacco :: Cameroon news

In the 40 years since Professor Michael Russell, a South African expert and specialist in smoking behavior, pioneered the logic that smokers smoke for the nicotine but are killed by the tar, this claim has remained largely unquestioned despite opposition from certain environments. This logic served as the basis for the concept of tobacco harm […]

Teeth whitening products: often ‘harmful or useless’, alert 60 Million

“Tooth whitening, too many harmful or useless products” : 60 Million consumers denounces in an investigation the dangers of dental whitening products which are dosed beyond European legal standards. The magazine warns against a marketing system that “hides a number of dangers, even scams”. Overdose of products The two substances used to lighten teeth, hydrogen […]

Return of gene therapy: How to make the treatment safer

At the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts, viral immunologist Ying Kai Chan is trying to develop safer AAV vectors. The risks increased when researchers used larger amounts of AAV, he told the conference: “I’m a big fan of reducing the dose.” But this may require the development of […]

Anna Carina celebrates hitting Times Square with “Harmful” | News

The Peruvian singer-songwriter Anna Carina became the cover of Spotify’s Equal Peru playlist and that’s how it was promoted on the Times Square screens. “Equal” is Spotify’s global program that promotes equity for women in music. It features a set of “Equal” playlists and sister shows spanning over 50 countries, from Japan, to Argentina, Poland […]