Here are the 10 best movies – according to artificial intelligence

ChatGPT was asked to compile a list of the 10 best movies of all time. Are The Godfather, Forrest Gump, and Star Wars on your bucket list? What are the best movies of all time is an eternal topic of conversation. Here in the columns of, we have already created a number of top […]

5 improvised movie moments that became iconic

You’d never think they weren’t even in the script. We know of countless great improvisations in film history, for example Robin Williams improvised all the radio lines in Good Morning Vietnam! But there are times when just one extra sentence or gesture is included in the scene, which the actor considers relevant then and there, […]

The Oscar goes to … – „Everything Everywhere All at Once“ bester Film!

The sci-fi comedy “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is the winner of this year’s Academy Awards with seven Oscars, including in the royal category of best picture. Michelle Yeoh and Brendan Fraser were crowned best actors. Indie sci-fi comedy Everything Everywhere All at Once is the big winner of the 95th Academy Awards Gala. The […]

The prequel series of the Kevin Costner cult series competes with Western classics

Neither eyes nor gunpowder remain dry following the events of Yellowstone and 1883, which took place before 1923. Spoiler-free review. On February 14th, it finally became available here (that’s right, only half the price and half the steam) the SkyShowtime streaming platform, with Paramount+, which has been running for years, with the hen that lays […]

The trailer for the new Indiana Jones movie is here

2022. december 02. – 10:15 A new trailer has been released for Indiana Jones 5, in which, at first glance, Harrison Ford plays a professor who has grown old from adventures, but is very nostalgic, who will of course get involved in one or two exciting situations again. Dial of Destiny will arrive in theaters […]

Harrison Ford (80) digitally made younger for latest Indiana Jones | Movies & Series

Harrison Ford is being digitally made younger for the latest Indiana Jones movie, magazine reports Empire. Director James Mangold tells the magazine that he wants to take viewers in the opening to the younger years of archaeologist Indiana Jones in 1944, before the film jumps to an older ‘Indy’ in 1969. The creators of Indiana […]