Haval H5 is a new generation: declassified appearance — Autoreview

Photo: company Haval For the first time overexposed two months ago the SUV Haval H5 of the second generation is gradually emerging from the shadow: the Great Wall published image of the machine “in full growth”. It is expected that this car (internal code B06) will replace the current frame of the model H5, which […]

What is it, a dream SUV? What the Russians expect from the Haval H5

If the new “Khawale” takes into account all the wishes, “Niva” and “Patriot” will remain “out of work”. Not so long ago, the Chinese brand Haval assured OTTS on the new Haval H5 SUV. The Russians are already familiar with this car, because the novelty is essentially a slightly turned over and replaced Great Wall […]

Haval F7 may “kill” Atlas sales

Atlas for a long time held the lead among Chinese cars in Russia, but in March it was replaced by a strong competitor. Over the past month, Russians purchased 642 Haval F7 cars, which allowed the crossover to take first place in sales among Chinese-made cars. Geely dealers sold 575 Atlas units over the same […]

Sorry, but not China. Russians will not get Haval H5 “their dreams”?

More stylish than Niva, more modern than Patriot, more brutal than Hunter. Lucky for the Chinese! The Haval H5 SUV, which was previously known as the Great Wall Hover, has long gained popularity both in China and beyond. Russia was not an exception, where the model is still popular on the secondary market.The Chinese auto […]

Why UAZ “Patriot” for a long time no one will “kill”

UAZ detractors overlook several important nuances. Recently, the network began to actively promote the opinion that the Chinese Haval H5, formerly known as the Great Wall Hover H3 / H5, returning to the Russian market, will become the “killer” of our “Patriot”. However, UAZ is also guilty of such nicknames – the upcoming new generation […]

“Goodbye, mushrooms!” Russian-made Haval H5 protect against corrosion

The Chinese company announced the launch of a new SUV on the Russian market, focusing on the improved anti-corrosion treatment, which is already used on the flagship N9. The Russian representative office of the Haval brand, owned by Great Wall Motors, announced that at the enterprise in the Tula region, when assembling H5 SUVs, they […]

Haval H6 leaves Russia – an alarming bell for connoisseurs of the “Chinese”

About the purchase of the remaining available crossovers over time, you can regret it. At the end of 2019, the Haval H6 crossover took the 2nd place in the list of the best-selling Chinese cars, losing to the competitor Geely Atlas, and became the best-selling crossover in the Haval lineup – almost 6 thousand copies […]

Than the new Haval H5 is going to “kill” Renault Arkana

The Chinese crossover has something to surprise. Last year, Renault Arkana came out, which first attracted attention, and then disappointed motorists. Therefore, the distressed Russians began to look for an alternative, which became the Haval H5. What is the Chinese crossover going to “kill” the popular French cross-coupe? First of all, it is worth paying […]