“A huge relief”: the old formula of Levothyrox finally extended until 2025

The distribution of the old formula, imported since the end of 2017 under the name of Euthyrox and which was to stop in 2020, has been extended several times, against the backdrop of a legal battle over the new formula, which uses the same active ingredient. , levothyroxine, but with new excipients. Between March 2017 […]

Clomid, infertility drug, must be stopped in case of visual disturbances, warns ANSM

Clomid, based on clomiphene citrate, helps stimulate ovulation. It is prescribed as first-line treatment to treat certain sterilities, induce ovulation during a course of medically assisted procreation, or even to find the cause of an absence of menstruation. In France, about 47,000 women use this drug each year, according to the ANSM. Until now, this […]

The tiger mosquito can now transmit two new viruses

“Many of our results were predictable, except for the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus,” explains Anna-Bella Failloux, coordinator of the study which aimed to measure the ability of five species of mosquitoes to transmit the West Nile and Usutu viruses, which affect both humans and birds, while an upsurge is currently observed in France. To explain […]

Tiger mosquito: promising results for a chikungunya vaccine

As a reminder, chikungunya causes fever and severe joint pain. In the Makondee language, his name literally meanst “who walks bent forward”, to evoke the posture adopted by the patients because of the intensity of the pains. A disease against which there is currently no preventive or curative treatment. The project of Valneva, a Franco-Austrian […]

Hospital: why doctors are calling for a strike on July 4

A new summer under tension in sight in hospitals. In a press release published on Saturday June 10, three unions of hospital doctors consider the situation has not “never been so serious” In public hospital. They are calling for a one-day strike on July 4th. “The public hospital is collapsing in whole sections”denounce the three […]

Covid-19: a link between a severe form of the disease and undiagnosed cancer?

If the latter considers that it is “premature” to recommend systematic screening for cancer in these patients, it calls for more surveillance concerning them. Further research will be needed “to better specify the locations of cancer concerned and to link the trio of immunosuppression, Covid and diseases linked to immunosuppression, including cancers”, he specifies. Also […]

Treating your pets against the dangers of summer: which preventive treatment to choose?

Today, there are many antiparasitic treatments dedicated to dogs and cats, very effective in preventing infestations or eliminating a parasite installed as a cure. We take care to choose the appropriate treatment according to the animal (species, weight, age) and change it quickly if signs of allergy appear. Against external parasites, a single-dose pipette treatment […]

Avian flu: two vaccines considered “very effective” on ducks

The experiment was launched in France last year, around two candidate vaccines for waterfowl, developed by the Boehringer Ingelheim and Ceva Santé Animale laboratories. This test campaign involved several thousand ducks, vaccinated or not. They were euthanized at the end of the process. The virus was inoculated into some of the animals, previously vaccinated, to […]