Number of severely disabled people has fallen slightly – Bavaria

According to statistics, the number of people with severe disabilities in Bavaria fell slightly last year. According to this, around 1.16 million severely disabled people lived in the Free State in 2021, as the State Office for Statistics announced on Thursday in Fürth. In 2019, the number was still 1.17 million people. More than half […]

Bavaria: Blood donors urgently needed – district of Munich

Fried Saacke doesn’t like to complain. When the head of the Bavarian Red Cross in Ismaning and his team asked volunteers to donate blood to the community hall at the beginning of the month, 234 donations were collected. That’s not a bad number, but it’s still less than what you’re used to in Ismaning, where […]

Corona rules in Bavaria: What will apply from April 3rd – Bavaria

Nobody wants to talk about a “Freedom Day”. In fact, however, April 3 is a deep turning point in Bavaria. After more than two years of the corona pandemic, almost all regulations that were previously intended to slow down the spread of the pathogen are now being abolished. Only a test and a mask requirement […]

Corona up-to-date: News from Fürstenfeldbruck – Fürstenfeldbruck

The seven-day incidence in the district of Fürstenfeldbruck increases from 1627.6 to 1642.6. This is the result of the figures from the Robert Koch Institute. The RKI also reports 647 new cases of infection within the past day. A 98-year-old who died yesterday increases the number of all recorded fatalities among the district residents in […]

Corona Bavaria: Relaxation of contact data collection – Bavaria

The 3G rule will also apply to employees with customer contact in the future Tuesday, October 12th, 1:57 p.m .: In all areas in Bavaria where the 3G rule applies, not only visitors but also all employees with customer contact must adhere to the rule from Tuesday (October 19). The cabinet decided on Tuesday in […]

Covid-19: How a 29-year-old survived the virus – Munich

Roberto Rocca is 29 years old, he doesn’t smoke and does a lot of sports. Then came the virus – and now he’s the one with the walker. About the mistaken belief that you are invulnerable. From Julia Huber A rollator is not a cool vehicle. The white tires. The seat. The cup in front. […]