Missions: contributing life with blood donation

A voluntary donation day was held in San Ignacio, with the aim of supplying health services, mainly to respond to patients from Misiones and Ñeembucú. Donating blood is saving lives! The first day of blood donation, within the framework of the commemoration of “World Donor Day”, which is remembered on June 14 of each year, […]

Breast milk, the only recommended food during the first six months of life

Breast milk is the essential and complete food for every baby from birth; It provides all the nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development. Breastfeeding offers protection against diseases and favors the child’s intellectual and emotional development. Children who were exclusively breastfed have higher indicators of cognitive development. In other words, the greater the cognitive […]

Invited to a conference on health and wellness policy for the elderly

It will take place online on the Zoom platform, this Thursday, April 28, at 08:00. Data to participate: Zoom ID: 814 1304 0522 and Password: 2022 Within the framework of the “National Day of the Elderly”, celebrated every April 29, and continuing with the week of promoting healthy aging, a virtual conference is planned on […]

Blood donation: Extending the arm is an act of love

Altruistic blood donation contributes to improving the beneficiary’s quality of life and even saving the lives of two or more people. With your help, we can guarantee the availability of this valuable resource for those who need it at the right time and place. Donating blood is the best gift we can offer someone who […]

The Importance of Animal Protein Intake to Prevent Stunting

The Minister of Health said that giving animal protein to children is important in preventing stunting. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin emphasized the importance of giving animal protein to children, in order to prevent the occurrence of stunting. Parents are reminded to make sure their children get the animal protein intake. […]

Free EKG Course 2022 for Health Professionals

The National Cardiovascular Prevention Program, a service dependent on the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare, enables the 2022 electrocardiogram (ECG) course, aimed at interested health professionals. The course aims to learn to recognize the different electrocardiographic tracings corresponding to cardiac pathologies and how to apply them to clinical practice. It is worth mentioning […]