April 12, National Day to Fight Breast Cancer

This date serves to sensitize the population with a key message: the importance of annual control and early detection. Annual check-ups starting at 40 years of age is recommended and, in case of having a family history of breast cancer, make the consultation earlier. The “National Day to Fight Breast Cancer” was established by the […]

Get vaccinated to avoid severe forms of COVID-19

The health portfolio recalls the importance of care to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases, and insists on the determining factor of having the vaccination schedule against COVID-19 complete. The antiCOVID-19 applies to people 5 years of age and older. Likewise, since this year, the country has the annual dose of the bivalent for people […]

‘That scissors does not belong to Kozhikode Medical College’; Expert committee on the incident of five years of scissors in the stomach of the young woman

Kozhikode: An expert committee has submitted a report to the government on the incident of a woman’s stomach being left with scissors during surgery. According to the report, it was found that the scissors did not belong to Kozhikode Medical College. In 2017, the scissors got stuck in Harshina’s stomach during the delivery surgery at […]

Health reform: it seems we are still stuck in the 90s

Last Monday, February 13, Gustavo Petro and Carolina Corcho presented the health reform document. Photo: El Espectador – Óscar Pérez These days I have attended multiple conversations, debates, forums and more about health reform. The attention from people, journalists and congressmen, previously disinterested in these issues, is only similar to what I experienced during the […]

Get vaccinated to avoid serious cases of COVID-19

The primary, booster and bivalent doses against COVID-19 are available in the country’s vaccination centers. The places and times can be verified at the following link: https://www.vacunate.gov.py/index-centro-vacunacion.html Why should this vaccine be available? Being immunized against COVID-19 decreases the probability of severe forms of the disease, hospitalization and death from this cause. For its part, […]

Smoke reluctant to abolish corona measures – Corona virus Vienna

Rewrite this content 22.01.2023 12:32 (Akt. 23.01.2023 07:10) Rauch does not want the end of all Corona laws he has announced to be misunderstood. ©APA/GEORG HOCHMUTH Johannes Rauch explained his statement about the imminent abolition of all Corona laws in Austria. “Corona will stay,” said the Minister of Health, which specific measures will be abolished […]

Rauch: “Corona will stay” – Corona virus –

Rewrite this content 22.01.2023 09:26 (Akt. 22.01.2023 12:08) Rauch: “Corona will stay”. ©WHAT Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens) warns against misunderstanding the end of all Corona laws he has announced by the middle of the year. “Corona will stay,” said the department head in the APA interview. He also called for the Covid booster vaccinations […]

Breast cancer: what to take into account on this subject?

Hormonal, lifestyle, and environmental factors have been identified that may increase the risk of breast cancer. However, it is not clear why some people without risk factors get cancer, while other people with risk factors never get it. Breast cancer is likely to be caused by a complex interaction of genetic makeup and environment. Women […]